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Only loans is a financing real estate company based in Florida, USA, owned by Sergio Santoni. The company was created over the best financing systems available, with well-trained mortgage employees.

Our goal is to provide the best service and the best customer relationship to our clients.

Only Loans offer all kinds of loans in the USA, such as residential loans, commercial loans and construction loans.

Only loans have the best financing programs that fit your needs.

We always offer competitive mortgages rates for our buyers. Our pre-approval department is super qualified to avoid problems in the middle of the process.

When you apply for a loan with us, you win the best assistance to buy your property.

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About The


Sergio Santoni is the CEO and founder of Only Loans. With years of experience in this industry and modern ideas, Sergio is always looking to improve his knowledge to help his clients. His goal is to achieve excellence in service.

Sergio is always at the front line of the company, dealing directly with his customers to understand their needs.

“The closer contact with buyers and investors makes the total difference in the industry” …. Sergio Santoni.

Loans We Offer

Only Loans offer most types of real estate financial services to homeowners and investors. Residential, Commercial, Construction loans and HELOC are our programs available. Builders and developers with some experience, we offer ground up constructions loans to build single to multi-family properties.

Residential Loans

Purchase or refinancing of properties up to 4 units. That’s include single families, townhomes, condos and others.

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Commercial Loans

Purchase or refinancing of commercial properties such as offices, warehouses, retails stores and others.

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Construction Loans

Homeowners and small investors can finance the construction of your single family, second home or investment properties. It can be converted into a traditional mortgage after construction is completed.

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Understanding the loan process

The Mortgage loan with best service and faster approval

Our experienced pre-approval department team and our sophisticated loan system will make this phase easy for you and for your realtor.

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Only loans have a unique relationship with all persons involved in the purchase process, as buyers, sellers, realtors, title company, associations, and others to make everybody informed about the loan process.

“Communication is the most important key to success” … Sergio Santoni